Star Wars simply wouldn’t be Star Wars without it’s rich and diverse alien species that populate it’s universe. Whether it’s Ewoks on Endor, Yoda on Dagobah, Chewie on the Falcon or Admiral Ackbar on Home One, the non-human characters are as fundamental to the series as stormtroopers or fighter craft. The Doctor Who universe also relies on it’s menagerie of aliens and monsters to set it apart.

One such Actor responsible for bringing a variety of creatures to life to these and other franchises is Paul Kasey. Perhaps his most recognisable role to date was as Mon Calamari commander Admiral Raddus in Rogue One. Not to be confined to just one Rogue One role, Kasey is also the man under the makeup for Saw Gerrera’s right hand man Edrio “two tubes”. His other Star Wars credit came in The Force Awakens where he played Resistance pilot and Poe Dameron’s wingman Ello Asty (well done if you noticed this was JJ Abrams’ now customary Beastie Boys themed easter egg!).

Away from Star Wars Kasey has brought a number of Doctor Who characters to life in the main show as well as the spinoff properties. An accomplished monster actor, Paul has done a turn as an Ood, the Cyberman Cyberleader and a Slitheen. He featured as The Host in Voyage Of The Damned with the Tenth Doctor and as Hath Peck in the Doctors’ Daughter- again with Doctor Ten. Other acting credits include roles in Blade II, Inkheart, Being Human and 28 Weeks Later.

His talents are not confined to playing the weird and wonderful creatures of outer space, he  has also choreographed them in his role as movement coordinator on 28 Days Later. Back on planet Earth, Kasey has put his training from Laine Theatre Arts, where he studied musical theatre, dance and singing for four years, to good use in the Dominion Theatre, London production of Grease. He was also assistant choreographer at the 2012 olympics opening ceremony. 



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